CIF reiterates its commitment towards bird sensitive wind energy at BirdLife World Congress

Posted on Tue, 02/07/2013

The BirdLife World Congress, that brought together nearly 600 conservationists from 120 countries, held an important workshop entitled The right renewables? – wind power, bioenergy and biodiversity. The session saw the participation of high profile people in the renewable energy sector such as Mr. Henry Paulson Junior from the Paulson institute and Ms. Patricia Bliss-Guest from the Climate Investment Funds (CIF).

Participants were in agreement that renewable energy sources are critical in the transition from fossil fuels towards climate-friendly, low carbon societies. However, there is concern that some technologies, such as poorly-sited wind farms, and associated transmission lines, can have potential negative impacts on nature and on birds specifically. The panelists explored strategies and experiences in working with renewable energy developments and provided insight into robust and strategic impact assessment, safeguards, policy development and the importance of environmental recovery in addressing climate change.

Patricia Bliss-Guest, Program Manager, Climate Investment Funds (CIF) stressed on the importance of ensuring that wind farms are compatible with conservation and the important role that multi-lateral development banks, alongside with NGOs and conservation experts, can play in raising awareness and understanding the risks associated to wind energy development. She stated that CIF “partnership with BirdLife International is critical to this dialogue and we are committed to continuing to work with BirdLife to disseminate lessons and emerging practices among our network of CIF partners. We look forward to our continued collaboration with BirdLife International to do our part as we seek solutions to scaling up green renewable energy.” During the session, the MSB project flyway officer, Mr. Ibrahim Al Hasani, was given the opportunity to present the latest guidance materials developed by the project as well as the incoming sensitivity mapping which were met with great enthusiasm and expectations from the audience. He stressed that these were achieved thanks to a close collaboration with key stakeholders from the energy sector, such as CIF, and concluded by quoting one of BirdLife International key messages "we create action through insight".