“Mainstreaming of gender equality and empowering women in Conservation Organizations Webinar”.

Posted on Tue, 01/09/2020

Although she is the backbone of societies, a woman is rarely given the same trust & opportunity to show her abilities as a man has, something that hinders her impact on nature conservation, which is why the Migratory Soaring Birds project aims to contribute significantly to the gender issue        
Due the unprecedented pandemic the Regional Flyway Facility team decided to host a webinar tackling “Mainstreaming of gender equality and empowering women in Conservation Organizations”.
The webinar was moderated by Kirago Mwangi; the Programme Manager at the Partnership Capacity and Communities Department at BirdLife International. Presenters included an array of Gender specialists, Lisette Albrechtsen from the United Nations Development Programme working as Gender Analyst in Jordan, Charlotte Klinting from Birdlife International holding Global Programme Coordinator position and Ala’a Abdo from RSCN who is a Gender Specialist from Jordan.
Lisette Albrechtsen from UNDP explained what is the gender equality and its basic goals, which is not just about women but also about having the same opportunities despite gender. It also emphasized that empowering women is a key aspect of achieving gender equality.
Moreover, Charlotte showed Birdlife’s mission to understand the role of women and men in the working place. Besides that, she talked about equality and equity, where gender equality means women and men have the same opportunities and receive equal treatment, but gender equity refers to fair treatment ,opportunities and rights between women and men according to their needs , which make any process is fair for both. 
The webinar concluded in an explanatory discussion of RSCN’s understanding of gender policy guidelines and the possibility of adapting these guidelines to help achieve organizational goals and objectives. In addition, the guidelines presented practical measures for gender mainstreaming at many levels.
As a part of MSB project, project partners confirmed their commitment to mainstream gender within their operations at both the internal level of the organizations and the activities at the sector level.



Watch the full webinar: